Patient Management

Transferring to the Standard Configuration


This quick skills video demonstrates the procedure for transferring from the initial set-up configuration of the Impella 2.5® or Impella CP® to the standard configuration using the Automated Impella Controller™ (AIC). Abiomed recommends transferring to the standard configuration as soon as practical. A white advisory alarm appears after two hours instructing operators to transfer from the initial set-up configuration to the standard configuration. Note that the system will switch to P-level mode when this is done.

This video covers:

  • How to select the Transfer to Standard Configuration procedure on the AIC
  • What supplies are needed to complete the procedure (normal saline bag, pressure bag, straight IV tubing)
  • How to set up and connect the saline bag
  • How to remove the Y-connector and reconnect the yellow luer to the Impella® catheter

Note: This video does not replace the Instructions for Use manual.



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