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Heparin-Free Purge: Bicarbonate-Based Purge Solution

Sodium bicarbonate purge solution for Impella® heart pumps received FDA PMA approval in April 2022, as an alternative to heparin, for patients who are intolerant to heparin or in whom heparin is contraindicated.

Is Your Patient a Candidate for Protected PCI?

Use this tool to determine if a patient may be appropriate to receive a Protected PCI procedure.

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Placing a Mattress Suture During Explant of Impella RP® with SmartAssist®

Learn how to place a mattress suture during explant of the Impella RP with SmartAssist in the ICU.


Assessing and Maintaining Impella Heart Pump Access Site

Learn how to assess the Impella access site and help prevent access site bleeding.


Impella Skills Video: Adjusting the LV Placement Signal

This Impella skills video demonstrates how to adjust the LV placement signal for the Impella CP® with SmartAssist® and Impella 5.5® with SmartAssist®.

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