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SmartAssist® Technology

Designed to Improve Outcomes with Real-Time Intelligence

Innovative Solutions for Challenging Patients

Optical Sensor and Advanced Metrics

  • Pump re-positioning without image guidance*
  • Better, faster resolution of suction alarms
  • Earlier identification of right heart failure
  • Assist in hemodynamic assessment and successful weaning guidance

* When “Position in Ventricle” alarm is triggered 

Ease of Patient Management

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Impella® Heart Pump

SmartAssist provides greater hemodynamic support and ease of use; new sensor technology for confident positioning; faster, simplified set-up

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Real-Time Advanced and Intelligent Metrics

Weaning trends of LVEDP and MAP assist in hemodynamic assessment and successful weaning; better and faster resolution of suction alarms; earlier identification of right heart failure; displays and calculates CPO

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Impella Connect®

Collaborative patient management; cloud-based, remote monitoring for better patient outcomes; access to clinical expertise; streamlined continuity of care

Resources for Health Care Professionals


SmartAssist Technology Cardiac Output Metrics for Patient Management and Weaning

Dave Weber, PhD, reviews how Impella® SmartAssist technology determines and tracks trends in CO and CPO and how these metrics can be used to guide a successful Impella heart pump weaning procedure.


SmartAssist Technology LV Metrics FAQs

Jo Kajewski, an Advanced Impella Trainer, answers some frequently asked questions about LV metrics displayed using Impella SmartAssist technology.


  1. FDA Approved, PMA Supplement, 2018