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Babar Basir: Increased Use of Best Practices Since NCSI


Babar Basir, D.O., highlights how the use of acute mechanical circulatory support has changed since the National Cardiogenic Shock Initiative (NCSI) study. “I think it’s changed pretty dramatically,” Dr. Basir states. “I think people are much more accustomed to using the devices, they’re much more knowledgeable about cardiogenic shock management, they’re much more understanding of the importance of early therapy and I think all of those things go a really long way in changing the practice patterns.”

Dr. Basir explains that Impella® heart pumps are now routinely available in many cath labs, with some cath labs having escalation tools, such as the Impella RP Flex® with SmartAssist®, readily available. “I think that having these tools in the hands of first-line clinicians who are treating and managing cardiogenic shock is really important,” Dr. Basir states. He also highlights the best practice of institutions building up their own cardiogenic shock program to be able to treat patients in a timely manner and not have to wait to transfer them to an escalation site.

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