Protected PCI

Patient Management

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Data from more than 170,000 Impella® heart pump cases have shaped best practices for a team-based approach to patient management.


Patient Management Topics


Access Site Management

Assessing the Impella access site and performing suggested interventions can help prevent complications.


Positioning & Repositioning

Learn about deriving the LV waveform and measuring LVEDP with Impella SmartAssist® technology.


Assessing Impella Position with Echo

Use echocardiography to assess Impella heart pump positioning and learn more about what the components look like.

Additional Services

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Impella Connect®

Your cloud-based, remote monitoring of Impella heart pump status to help improve patient outcomes. With Impella Connect, authorized hospital staff can review cases at any time from any internet connected device.

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Clinical Support Center

Your on-call resource for 24/7 clinical and technical support. Contact the Clinical Support Center (CSC) at
1-800-422-8666 for patient management expertise to help you achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

Additional Resources

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