AMI Cardiogenic Shock

Clinical Evidence

Key Findings from the National Cardiogenic Shock Initiative Study 1,2,3

  • Identify and support cardiogenic shock early
  • Aggressive down titration of inotropes
  • Identify inadequate left ventricular (LV) support and escalate, if CPO <0.6
  • Identify right ventricular (RV) dysfunction early and support
  • Systematically use right heart catheter (RHC) to guide therapy
Graphic displaying the pathway to class 1 recommendation of Impella use in cardiogenic shock

Impella® Clinical Evidence Pathway to Class I Recommendation

Impella clinical evidence has established safety and effectiveness and validated best practices.

Graphic of clinical evidence supporting improved AMI cardiogenic shock outcomes when unloading pre-PCI

The Procedure

Learn more about femoral access explant techniques and other best practices.


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