Right Heart Failure

Patient Management

Importance of Identifying Right Ventricular Failure (RVF) Early

  • RVF can occur after acute myocardial infarction (AMI), after durable LVAD implantation, post-cardiotomy or post-transplant
  • RVF increases the risk of cardiogenic shock, high-grade atrioventricular-conduction block and in-hospital mortality1
  • RVF can lead to longer ICU stays, higher short-term mortality and worsening end-organ dysfunction

Patient Management Topics


Purge System Management Video Series

See how to change the purge cassette, purge fluid bag and more.


Heparin-Free Purge: Bicarbonate Based Purge Solution

A bicarbonate-based purge solution for Impella® may be a viable alternative to heparin-based purge solution in patients who are heparin-intolerant and when heparin is contraindicated.


Weaning and Escalation

Tim Larkin, MD, describes his weaning protocol for the Impella RP® heart pump during this physician Q&A session.

Handling Impella RP® with SmartAssist® Suction Alarms

Suction is most often caused by inadequate preload or malposition.

As with all other Impella® heart pumps, if a suction alarm occurs:

  1. Decrease P-level to break suction.
  2. Evaluate patient volume status. Maintain a positive CVP.
  3. Check Impella RP with SmartAssist position and adjust as needed using chest X-ray, fluoroscopy, or echocardiography.
  4. When suction is resolved, return to previous P-level.


If position and preload are acceptable and suction cannot be resolved at P-2 or P-3, momentarily stop Impella RP with SmartAssist to break the suction event and restart immediately.


Note that this is different from handling suction alarms with other left-sided Impella heart pumps. This does not replace the Instructions for Use manual.

Additional Services

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Impella Connect®

Your cloud-based, remote monitoring of Impella heart pump status to help improve patient outcomes. With Impella Connect, authorized hospital staff can review cases at any time from any internet-connected device.

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Clinical Support Center

Your on-call resource for 24/7 clinical and technical support. Contact the Clinical Support Center (CSC) at
1-800-422-8666 for patient management expertise to help you achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

Additional Resources

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  1. Mehta, S.R., et al. (2001). J Am Coll Cardiol, 37(1), 37-43.