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On-site, on-call and online clinical support ensure quality and help achieve the best possible outcome for the patient

24/7 Clinical Support

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Our field-based, in-hospital support teams have clinical expertise in hemodynamic support and provide you with on-site assistance from the cath lab, operating room or intensive care unit (ICU).

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Contact the 24/7 Clinical Support Center (CSC) at 1-800-422-8666 for patient management expertise to help you achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

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An ever-expanding library of remote learning and training opportunities for medical providers is available through, Abiomed Academy, Impella App and CAMP.

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We are committed to helping you obtain reimbursement for Abiomed’s platform of products.

Abiomed Academy

Abiomed Academy provides self-guided online product training for medical care providers of all experience levels and roles.

Introducing the New Impella® App

Abiomed's Clinical Care App provides key resources health care professionals can access pre- and post-procedure at the point of care.