An illustration of a heart with an Impella CP with SmartAssist in the left ventricular on a blue background with a light blue hash pattern on the right side.

Defining the Contemporary High-Risk PCI Patient

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The FDA has granted Impella its highest level of approval as a safe and effective therapy for high-risk PCI, cardiogenic shock and right heart failure.

  • 1,200+

    Peer-reviewed clinical studies have published on Impella, including the PROTECT II randomized controlled trial

  • 13

    Clinical society guidelines include Impella heart pumps

  • 250,000+

    Patients have been treated with Impella heart pumps


Echocardiography Views and Color Doppler for Impella

Michael Galvin, RDCS, a cardiac sonographer and Abiomed Clinical Support Center specialist, describes the four major views that make up a full echocardiogram as well as the role of color and spectral Doppler in assessing Impella position.

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For Interventional Cardiologists

Treat high-risk PCI, cardiogenic shock and right heart failure patients

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For Cardiac and Vascular Surgeons

Escalate, stabilize and recover native organs with minimally-invasive surgical techniques

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For Nurses

Use calculators, watch quick skills videos and learn patient management best practices

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For Fellows

Advance your knowledge and develop skills to treat complex PCI patients

For Referring Providers

Are you caring for patients with heart disease? Learn more about how Impella heart pumps work, the benefits of Protected PCI with Impella and explore patient identification resources. 

Native Heart and Lung Recovery

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Conditions & Therapies

Access education, clinical evidence and practice support for Protected PCI, AMI cardiogenic shock, right heart failure, surgical applications and severe lung failure.

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Learn about the latest technology and how that technology may best support your patient.

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Education & Resources

Abiomed provides a comprehensive training program for health care providers.

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