Atherectomy, Case Review, Protected PCI

Case Review: Protected PCI for Unprotected Left Main Coronary Artery Disease


Anthony Hilliard, MD, of Loma Linda University in California presents a case of high-risk PCI in a 72-year-old female presenting with significant dyspnea and chest discomfort, advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with diminished function, diabetes, known coronary artery disease with prior percutaneous interventions, significant peripheral artery disease, and severely reduced LV systolic function. The patient was found to have a severe calcified bifurcation lesion involving the distal left main and the proximal portions of the left anterior descending and left circumflex arteries. The patient was not a surgical candidate primarily due her lung disease, among her many other comorbidities.

Watch and listen to how Dr. Hilliard prepares and executes his treatment plan for this challenging case, and learn about the results of using rotational atherectomy in this case, the rationale for using hemodynamic support with the Impella CP® heart pump, and the device’s role in supporting the patient’s hemodynamics during the procedural complications.



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