Case Review, Impella Education, Patient Management, Protected PCI

An Intensivist’s Perspective on Impella® Patient Management


Nate Gilmore, MD, discusses his experience as an intensivist supporting patients who arrive in the ICU while on mechanical circulatory support. His key takeaways include:

Discuss with your institutions about which physicians can reposition an Impella® heart pump

Understand what Automated Impella Controller™ (AIC) alarms mean in order to request the appropriate imaging tool, such as an echo

Remain vigilant while monitoring patients on mechanical circulatory support to reduce inotropes

Dr. Gilmore also presents best practices to minimize calls for repositioning. Additionally, he uses a case-based example to outline his experience with a patient who required hemodynamic support after surgery. Learn more about this intensivist’s experience with Impella patient management.



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