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Sunday Lunch Symposium On-Demand
The CAD’s Out of the Bag: Achieving Heart Recovery in High-Risk Revascularization

Part One: Influential Trials in High-Risk PCI: Shaping the Future of Ischemic Heart Failure Therapy

Jonathan Hill, MD


Part Two: Percutaneous Mechanical Support for PCI in Surgically Ineligible Patients: Preliminary Results from the OPTIMUM Study

Adam Salisbury, MD, Mac

Part Three: The Impact of Unloading: What We May Learn from the STEMI DTU RCT

Navin Kapur, MD



Impella heart pumps are not FDA approved for use in STEMI patients without cardiogenic shock.

Part Four: Contemporary Techniques for Optimal Outcomes in High-Risk PCI

Kate Kearney, MD, FSCAI


TCT Recap of Saturday, September 17

Chuck Simonton, MD, and Seth Bilazarian, MD, present highlights from the first day of presentations at TCT 2022.

TCT Recap of Sunday, September 18

Watch Bobbi Bogaev, MD, and Seth Bilazarian, MD, discuss data, late-breaking clinical trials and TCT 2022 news.

TCT Recap of Monday, September 19

Watch Chuck Simonton, MD, and Seth Bilazarian, MD, discuss data, late-breaking clinical trials and TCT 2022 news.


Data Integrity in Real-World Evidence

Robert Yeh, MD, discusses how we analyze data, make treatment decisions and participate in developing clinical evidence.

Impella is Associated with Improvement in LV Function, Reduction of Major Adverse Events, Higher Survival Rates in Cardiogenic Shock and Improved Quality of Life


Ejection Fraction Improvement with Complete Revascularization

Mitul Patel, MD, reviews the findings of the RESTORE EF study and a successful case of improved ejection fraction with complete revascularization.


Efficacy and Safety of all Impella Use in Patients With Drug-Resistant Acute HF

J-PVAD is an investigator-initiated, prospective study of all Impella use in Japan with the goal to safely and effectively disseminate the use of Impella with appropriate use guidance.


Improved Outcomes with Contemporary Practices in PROTECT III

Jeffrey Moses, MD, discusses the PROTECT III study and improved outcomes in patients with severely depressed LVEF undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention with contemporary practices.


More Than 235,000 Patients Supported with Impella Heart Pumps

Impella heart pumps allow a heart team to achieve high-risk revascularization and heart recovery in the cath lab and OR. Impella heart pumps provide the unique benefit of unloading the heart while providing coronary perfusion and end organ perfusion.