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Give a New Lease on Life

Perform a more complete revascularization in a single procedure with the Impella® heart pump

Impella Mitigates the Risk of Higher In-Hospital and 30-Day MACCE for Surgically-Ineligible Patients

Patients who are ineligible for surgery and received Protected PCI demonstrated no difference in in-hospital or 30-day MACCE when compared to patients who were eligible for surgery and received Protected PCI.1

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"Advanced Application for On-Pump PCI to Improve Outcomes in High-Risk CVD Surgery Ineligible Patients" featuring Jacob Abraham, MD, Cindy Grines, MD, MSCAI, FACC, and Jason Wollmuth, MD

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Impella is the only FDA-approved mechanical circulatory support device that mitigates mortality risk for surgically-ineligible patients undergoing high-risk PCI

Patients deemed ineligible for surgery experience increased acute and long-term mortality.2


higher in-hospital mortality risk2


higher long-term mortality risk2

Protected PCI with Impella Mitigates Mortality Risk

Protected PCI with Impella support mitigates the risk associated with performing unprotected LM PCI in CABG-ineligible patients.1

More Complete Revascularization Associated with Improved Survival

Better manage procedural complications and perform a more complete revascularization, which is associated with improved EF and survival.3

Complete Revascularization: Examining the Evidence Focused on Surgical Ineligibility

Adam Salisbury, MD, discusses what we know about the surgical ineligible population and how complete revascularization is different in prohibitive surgical risk patients.

Live Case Highlights: Impella-Supported Complex Revascularization in Patient with Severe LV Dysfunction

This case highlights Impella-supported complex revascularization in the setting of severe left ventricular dysfunction. The operators are Kate Kearney, MD, and William Lombardi, MD. Panelists are Tom Waggoner, DO, George Vetrovec, MD, and Seth Bilazarian, MD.

Complete Revascularization is Associated with Significant Improvement in LVEF and Long-Term Survival

Francesco Burzotta, MD, and Carlo Trani, MD, discuss the objective of Roma Verona Study and the extent of revascularization on LVEF and survival in complex high-risk indicated patients undergoing Protected PCI.

Clinical Relevance of Revascularization Extent in Protected PCI: Insight From Italian Studies

Francesco Burzotta, MD, discusses better clinical outcomes in both cardiogenic shock and high-risk PCI subgroups with more complete revascularization.


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