Patient Management

Impella® Skills Video: Changing the Femoral Access Site Dressing in the ICU


This Impella skills video demonstrates how to change the femoral access site dressing in the ICU.

Dressing changes should be performed per hospital protocol.

  1. Remove existing dressing and clean the site.
  2. If a folded 4x4 gauze was used under the repositioning sheath hub to maintain the angle of insertion, be sure to replace the gauze when performing the dressing change. This helps prevent tenting of the arteriotomy site.
  3. If you notice bleeding or oozing during dressing change, maintain the original insertion angle while holding pressure and notify the physician.
  4. When applying occlusive dressing to the site, ensure the cm marker on the catheter shaft is visible and the Tuohy-Borst valve is accessible.
  5. As a best practice, cover the access site with 2 Tegaderm film dressings with triangles cut into them to allow for catheter accessibility.
  6. Ensure the angle of entry is preserved every time the dressing is changed.

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