Protected PCI

Patient Identification

Which Patients May Benefit from Protected PCI?

Impella® heart pumps may provide safe and effective hemodynamic support in elective and urgent high-risk PCI for a broad range of patients with complex coronary artery disease, hemodynamic compromise and comorbidities.

Patients benefit from this minimally invasive option that may:

  • Enable more complete revascularization1
  • Reduce symptoms and class of heart failure2 and improve LVEF1
  • Significantly reduce the overall incidence of post-procedural acute kidney injury (AKI)5
  • Reduce number of days in the hospital3,4
  • Significantly reduce post-discharge MACCE events (composite of death/stroke/MI/repeat revascularization)6

Surgical Turndown is Common and Associated with Higher Mortality

Underdiagnosed & Undertreated

Resources from the Education Library

Video describing Protected PCI for Superior Long-Term Outcomes from SCAI 2021

Protected PCI for Superior Long-Term Outcomes

Gregg Stone, MD, and Duane Pinto, MD, host this panel discussion from SCAI 2021 of Protected PCI and diagnosis and treatment of high-risk and complex coronary disease.


High-Risk PCI with Impella Support and Atherectomy

Thom Dahle, MD, presents the case of an 84-year-old with a history of CAD with prior stenting of the circumflex. In this case, the patient is his father.

Clinical Evidence


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