Patient Management, Purge Management

De-Airing the Impella® Purge System


Quick Skills Video for Using the Automated Impella Controller™

This quick skills video demonstrates the procedure for de-airing the Impella purge system using the Automated Impella Controller (AIC).

This video covers:

  • How to select the De-air Purge System procedure on the AIC
  • How to inspect the purge tubing and purge fluid bag before de-airing
  • How to disconnect the yellow luer from the Impella catheter
  • How the AIC automatically begins priming, or de-airing the tubing
  • How to inspect the purge tubing after de-airing is complete
  • How to reconnect the yellow luer on the purge tubing to the yellow luer on the Impella catheter

Note: This video does not replace the Instructions for Use manual.



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