Algorithms, Clinical Research & Data, AMI Cardiogenic Shock

Analysis of Outcomes for 15,259 U.S. Patients with AMICS Supported with the Impella® Heart Pump


William O’Neill, MD outlines his recent publication of 15,529 AMI cardiogenic shock patients from the Impella Quality (IQ) Database. The clinical publication highlights best practice protocols based on real-world evidence that is showing improved outcomes in cardiogenic shock. This clinical evidence is derived from Abiomed’s observational, commercial IQ Database. In patients with AMICS receiving support from the Impella® heart pump, higher survival outcomes is associated with the use of Impella pre-PCI, use of Impella CP®, and hemodynamic monitoring with pulmonary artery (PA) catheters. Dr. O’Neill also discusses the importance of the FDA audited, IRB approved cVAD Study®, which is a world-wide multicenter, prospective observational study with a one year follow-up and now includes more than 5,000 patients.



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