Access & Closure

Rapid and Safe Adoption of the New Single Access Technique


Duane Pinto, MD, MPH, discusses the new single access technique, designed to avoid an additional arterial access, and reduce associated complications as well as make the procedure more rapid. This technique entails gaining a second access through the diaphragm of the Impella® sheath alongside the Impella catheter. Dr. Pinto shows a video of this technique and presents a case of a 71-year-old female in which this technique was used. He describes the technique as simple to teach and simple to use and explains that as of April 2020, 40% of Protected PCI cases are using the single access technique with low reported adverse events. At the end of his presentation Dr. Pinto shares the future vision of expandable and recoilable designs to provide a range of partial to full support with <10 Fr access and closure.

Dr. Pinto is associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and chief, interventional section at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts.


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