Impella Education

Impella® Skills Video: Adjusting the LV Placement Signal


This Impella skills video demonstrates how to adjust the LV placement signal for the Impella CP® with SmartAssist® and Impella 5.5® with SmartAssist®. This adjustment will align the systolic upstroke phases of the LV and the Ao placement signals.

To adjust the LV placement signal:

  1. Select the MENU soft button on the Automated Impella Controller™ (AIC).
  2. Use the selector knob to scroll up to and select “Adjust LV Signal.” The LV adjustment defaults to the suggested adjustment value. 
  3. Press “Done” to confirm the suggested adjustment.

The LV adjustments occur in increments of 1 mmHg from -60 to 60 mmHg. Abiomed recommends NOT adjusting to a value other than the suggested value.

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