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Automated Impella Controller™ Overview


The Automated Impella Controller (AIC) supports all Impella® heart pumps. This video describes the components of the console, display screens, and main functions.

On the front of the console, you will find the selector knob, power indicator light, and connection for the white connector cable. The yellow button to open the purge door is on the left side of the console and the black power button is on the right side of the console. Holding the black power button for 3 seconds turns the controller on. The green power light illuminates and the screen displays self tests. 

Once Case Start has been completed, you can interact with the AIC using the 5 soft buttons on the front of the console.

  • Mute Alarm silences or clears alarms
  • Flow Control sets flow rate (P-level) of the Impella device
  • Display changes the central display screen.
    Screen options include:
    • Placement screen – displays waveforms indicating Impella position in relation to the aortic valve
    • Home screen – shows a pictogram of the heart and device placement based on the waveforms seen on the placement screen (not available for Impella RP®)
    • Infusion History screen – displays an hourly history of total volume, heparin, and dextrose concentration being infused from the purge system
    • Purge screen – displays purge flow and purge pressure trends over time
    • Center Motor Current screen – centers the motor current on the Y-axis
    • Time scale screen – changes the time scale of the placement signal or motor current to show trends
    • Y-axis scale screen – adjusts the Y-axis on the placement signal or motor current 
  • Purge Menu opens the purge system menu for various purge procedures including changing the purge fluid bag, changing the purge cassette and bag, and de-airing the purge system. An option to transfer to standard configuration is available for Impella 2.5® and Impella CP®.
  • Menu provides options for starting a new case, visualizing alarm history, and changing various settings, including enabling surgical mode

Certain screen elements are common to all screens. On the bottom of every screen:

  • Impella flow information displays mean Impella flow as well as maximum flow during systole and minimum flow during diastole
  • Purge system information shows the current infusion rate for the purge solution and current purge pressure

On the top of every screen:

  • Serial number, pump type, date, and time appear on the left 
  • System power information appears on the right 

To turn off the AIC, remove the white connector cable and press and hold the black power button for 3 seconds. Holding the power button for more than 30 seconds during operation initiates an emergency shutdown.


This guide is intended to be an educational tool and does not replace the Instructions for Use (IFU) manual.

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