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Intermediate-Term Left Ventricular Function Following Non-Emergent Impella® Protected PCI: RESTORE EF Study


Mitul Patel, MD, shares intermediate-term results from RESTORE EF, a multicenter, prospective, observational, single-arm study that is still actively enrolling patients. Patients underwent pre-procedure hemodynamic support (Impella® Protected PCI). The primary endpoint was left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) at 90-day follow-up and the secondary endpoints were heart failure symptoms and angina symptoms at follow-up.

Dr. Patel reviews the study design and exclusion criteria, baseline characteristics, and procedural characteristics. He reviews results and presents the following conclusions:

  • Depressed baseline ejection fraction is associated with significant LVEF improvement at 90 days among Impella-supported PCI patients.
  • Heart failure and anginal symptoms assessed with NYHA and CCS functional classifications, respectively, improved significantly at follow-up.
  • Extent of complete revascularization is associated with the degree of LVEF improvement.

Dr. Patel is an interventional cardiologist at UC San Diego Health and one of the RESTORE EF trial investigators.



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