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Considerations for Impella vs. ECMO


Michael Tong, MD, MBA, FRCSC, Edward Soltesz, MD, MPH, and Shinya Unai, MD, all from the Cleveland Clinic, join Dan Raess, MD to discuss considerations for when ECMO is the right choice and when the Impella® heart pump is the right choice for their patients. Dr. Tong is the director of heart transplantation, Dr. Soltesz is the surgical director; and Dr. Unai is a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon.

Clinicians today have different mechanical circulatory support (MCS) strategies available. This roundtable addresses how to determine the best MCS selection tailored for that patient.

Dr. Soltesz outlines patient presentation and decision-making strategies. Dr. Tong discusses the importance of ambulation with Impella 5.0® for patients who are being evaluated for bridge to surgery. He also discusses the importance of venting the ventricle and Impella’s ability to decrease the afterload on the heart for patients on ECMO. Dr. Unai highlights the importance of timing for venting and transitioning patients off of ECMO while on Impella support. The group also outlines the clinical care team for ECMO and Impella patients.

Tune in to hear from the panel about their strategy for MCS selection, patient management, and venting.



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