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Impella® Skills Video: Setup Procedure for Impella CP® with SmartAssist®  


This Impella skills video demonstrates the setup procedure for the Impella CP with SmartAssist. The single use components provided with the Impella CP with SmartAssist catheter system include:

  • Two 14Fr peel-away introducers (13 cm and 25 cm lengths)
  • 14Fr dilator
  • 8, 10, 12Fr supplemental dilators
  • 0.035 inch, 150 cm stiff access guidewire
  • Purge cassette
  • 0.018 inch, 260 cm exchange length placement guidewire


The hospital provided supplies needed for the procedure include:

  • Dextrose 5% in water
  • Diagnostic catheter (4-5Fr pigtail or 6Fr AL-1 or MP)
  • 5-8Fr introducer
  • 0.035 inch standard J-tip guidewire


To begin a case involving Impella CP with SmartAssist support:

  1. Turn on the Automated Impella Controller™ (AIC) by pressing and holding the power switch on the right side of the AIC for 3 seconds.
  2. Press the START NEW CASE soft button.
  3. Spike the dextrose purge fluid bag - dextrose 5% in water (D5W) is recommended. 
  4. Insert the purge cassette. Open the purge cassette door by pressing the release button on the left side of the AIC. Insert the purge cassette with the word “ABIOMED” facing out as shown in the diagram inside the door. Slide the purge disc into place as shown on the screen and extend the purge tubing through the gap when you close the door. The system automatically primes the purge cassette once it is in place.
  5. Open the Impella catheter sterile tray when setup is complete and place the Impella CP with SmartAssist components onto the sterile field.
  6. Plug the white connector cable into the blue plug on the front of AIC. 
  7. Snap the purge clip on the purge sidearm to the connector cable to prevent kinking of the purge sidearm tubing.
  8. Connect the yellow luer to the Impella catheter. If included, remove the Y-connector from the purge tubing and discard. 
  9. Confirm or edit the purge fluid information displayed on the AIC. 


The Impella CP with SmartAssist is now ready to be inserted. 

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