Protected PCI

Effective Hemodynamic Support in Elective and Urgent High-Risk PCI

A Protected PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention) is a minimally invasive cardiac procedure supported with an Impella® heart pump. Impella support helps maintain hemodynamic stability and provides left ventricular unloading during the procedure, which may allow for more thorough PCI and more complete revascularization in a single session, reducing long-term incidences of major adverse cardiac and cerebrovascular events (MACCE).

Improve Patient Outcomes


Impella Support for Patient Turned Down for Surgery

Rustem Dautov, MD, presents the case of a patient turned down for surgery and successfully treated with Impella CP®.


Contemporary Practices of High-Risk PCI Using Percutaneous MCS

Jeffrey Moses, MD, discusses results from the PROTECT III Study.


Tips, Tricks & Techniques for High-Risk PCI

Amir Kaki, MD, discusses his techniques for Impella access and implant, explant and closure, complications management, and occlusive sheath management.

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Impella therapy addresses the growing crisis of CAD and heart failure by demonstrating significant cost savings and cost-effectiveness, both for payers and providers.

For Referring Physicians

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