Surgical Applications

The Procedure

Preparation and Insertion of the Impella® Heart Pump for Surgical Procedures

On this site you will find an overview of all the important steps for performing a surgical procedure with an Impella heart pump. With our training videos and poster, you can access additional materials to help you plan your procedure.



Impella 5.5® with SmartAssist® heart pump is inserted either directly through the axillary artery or ascending aorta using a single access point.


Benefits of the Impella 5.5 with SmartAssist are:

  • Stabilisation
  • Unloading of the left ventricle
  • Perfusion of the end organs
  • Enabling recovery of the native heart


Impella® Step-by-Step Guide

Start: Preparation of the Materials

Before a surgical procedure with an Impella heart pump, it is particularly important to prepare the insertion kit as well as the materials to be provided by the hospital.

  • Impella Preparation and Insertion Kit

  • Checklist for materials provided by the hospital


Preparation: Axillary insertion of the Impella 5.5® Heart Pump

The preparation step for axillary insertion includes, among other things, choosing the access route and de-airing the heart pump.

  • Graft anastomosis surgery

  • De-airing the Impella heart pump


Placement and Positioning of the Impella® Catheter

This step includes the actual use of the Impella heart pump and addresses its placement and positioning as well as verification of these factors through the use of imaging techniques.

  • Placement of the Impella pump

  • Positioning the Impella pump

Follow-up Care and Admission to the Intensive Care Unit

This section covers the management of ICU patients with an inserted Impella heart pump.

  • Recommendation for the intensive care unit

  • External fixation

  • Patient admission to the intensive care unit

Resources from the Education Library


EACTS 2023: Kaveh Eghbalzadeh - Awake Insertion of Impella 5.5 with SmartAssist

Discover Kaveh Eghabalzadeh's, MD, presentation at EACTS 2023.


EACTS 2023: Evgenij Potapov - pMCS,ECLS, ECpella, ECmella - When, How and for Whom?

Prof. Evgenij Potapov, MD, discusses temporary MCS options for cardiogenic shock, highlighting the ECMELLA 2+ concept.


EACTS 2023: Scott Silvestry: Impella 5.5® and Impella RP Flex® Experience

Scott Silvestry, MD, discusses his experience with Impella 5.5® and Impella RP Flex® at EACTS 2023.

Review Patient Management Best Practices

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