Questions to Ask When Caring for an Impella® Patient

Jason Richard, an advanced Impella® trainer at Abiomed, reviews questions to ask when taking over care of a patient with an Impella® heart pump. Knowing the answers to these questions can make the transition of care safer and smoother for your patients.

Which Impella heart pump was implanted?

Where is the Impella access site and is there any bleeding or oozing?

What is the centimeter marking on the Impella catheter and has the Tuohy-Borst been tightened?

Is a Swan-Ganz catheter in place? If so, what is the PA pressure? If not, why?

Volume status: Is the CVP adequate?

At what P-level is the Impella pump currently set and are flows within expected range?

When was the last ACT and what was the result? (ACT between 160 and 180 seconds is recommended while patient is on Impella support)

Is the Impella delivered heparin via the purge solution being included in the calculation with the systemic IV heparin rate to determine the total heparin delivered to the patient?



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