Access & Closure, Case Review, Femoral Access, Patient Management, Protected PCI

Groin Management at the Impella® Heart Pump Access Site


Jeffrey Fowler, MD, discusses how to handle oozing at the groin access site. He reviews a case of an 81 year old male with hypertension, dyslipidemia, prior stroke who was triaged immediately to the cath lab. Dr. Fowler used hemodynamic support with an Impella CP® heart pump to successfully treat the LM-LAD and RCA lesions. The decision was made to leave the Impella device in place for 12-24 hours for left ventricular unloading and to assess weaning in the CCU. Immediately after moving the patient to the CCU, there was bleeding and oozing at the access site. Dr. Fowler discusses groin management techniques when dealing with this clinical challenge.



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