Case Review, IABP, Patient Management, AMI Cardiogenic Shock

Exchanging a Balloon Pump for the Impella CP® Heart Pump: Case Review


In this case presentation, Shon (Anjan) Chakrabarti, MD, MPH, discusses the use of the Impella CP® heart pump in a 62-year-old woman with obesity, diabetes, and hypertension who required escalation from a previously placed balloon pump. Due to multivessel disease, the patient was deemed too high risk for bypass and subsequently underwent CHIP evaluation at Sentara Heart Hospital. Dr. Chakrabarti explains the strategy he chose for exchanging the balloon pump for the Impella heart pump and how this occurred without introducing vascular compromise. Additionally, Dr. Chakrabarti describes the ultimate resolution of cardiogenic shock and the contributors to the intervention’s success in this patient.



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