Algorithms, AMI Cardiogenic Shock

Best Practice Protocols for Cardiogenic Shock Showing Improved Outcomes Within the WellStar System


Salvatore Mannino, DO, MA, FACC, FSCAI, director of the short-term mechanical circulatory support program at WellStar Health System joins Seth Bilazarian, MD to discuss how his team has implemented a cardiogenic shock protocol that has shown to improve patient outcomes. Part of the protocol includes the following best practices:

Safe femoral practices for large bore access

Pre-PCI hemodynamic support

Use of pulmonary artery (PA) catheters in all patients

Limiting and early weaning of pressors and inotropes

Early and contemporaneous multi-disciplinary collaboration

Impella® heart pumps at all PCI-capable hospitals

Regionalization of care

24x7 cardiology critical care coverage

Initial results at WellStar show a 72% survival rate (n=28) when the cardiogenic shock algorithm and best practices were used. Finally, the hub and spoke model has played an important role in improving outcomes and standardizing patient care.



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